Today is… the end of the First Week at School

It’s now the end of the first week back at school and I must say it was exhausting! My bag was practically bursting at the seams. But the one thing I do love though is taking photography for GCSE! We’re doing portraits and I cant wait to use the ones of Ted shown here! The funny picture of the prairie dog I took this week is keeping me going! I’ll be putting up the second lot of pictures from the wildlife park as well this weekend!

Love Mary x

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Today is… baking

I Love baking it’s one of my favourite hobbies! Chocolate cake is my all time favourite and seeing it finished is the best part (if you leave out the cake mixture)!

Today is… getting ready for the puppy



It’s not long now until I get my puppy, I’m so excited! The first two pictures are of the puppy I’m going to get, it’s so cute and I’m bursting at the seams from the wait.  Yesterday I bought a really fluffy dog bed and some quirky doggy bag holders, the pack had a really pretty bird on it and flowers and now over the coming weeks I’ll be buying all the stuff to welcome it home I can’t wait!

Love Mary x

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Today is… in bloom

The day started off miserable today but soon the sun fought it’s way through the clouds and I couldn’t resist the chance to take take photos of the flowers in our garden. Taking pictures of flowers is my favourite type of photography it helps alot that my camera (Lumix G1) has a flower mode which delivers stunning  images that I’m proud to call my own. The pictures above are my favourites

Love Mary x

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Today is…rain


it’s a lazy, stay at home day today!

water droplets look so nice on plants and flowers – here’s a few pics I took today

love mary x

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Today is…


My first post!

Had a shot of inspiration today and thought of starting a blog – it’s about all things beautiful and I hope you like it.

I’ve had such a great day today, from seeing the olympic plane and seeing the torch to going shopping with my mum.

I hope you like my blog !

love Mary x

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